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Plymouth Computer Solutions continues to serve you.


  • remote support

  • a visit to you - precautions will be taken, of course

  • devices requiring a service or repair (usually a two-day turn around) can be collected from you and returned in good time or brought to the workshop where you will be kept informed of progress

Please, continue being cautious as scammers are rife currently. Some purport to be from your bank, the UK Government, BT, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon etc.

They may email, text or call you - all promising to offer something (usually support) or state a problem you didn’t even know existed! If you receive a call from them, the only button you should press is the cancel/hang up button and delete any suspicious messages. Please DO NOT open suspicious emails. A simple opening of it could trigger acceptance to the sender!  Certainly, do not click on a link within an email either as it may direct the user to a fake website where data is harvested or viruses planted on your device.

Legitimate businesses will not call you to offer support.

You may find this non-affiliated website with scammer details useful:


This information is in no way intended to cause you to be anxious, simply to advise during this potentially vulnerable and isolating time.

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