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  • Is your device slowing, is it causing a problem or is it broken and in need of repair?

  • Wanting to start something new - or being told you should 'connect' with your family online?

  • Wishing to see family and friends without
    spending hours travelling?

  • Wondering how to receive, send or store photos?

  • Having difficulty setting something up on your device?

  • Worried about keeping safe on the Internet?

  • Need to upskill yourself to progress your career?

Plymouth Computer Solutions -

Making IT easy for all

Plymouth Computer Solutions offer friendly, personalised support in all things digital: computers, iPads & tablets, phones, TVs, SatNavs and other 'smart' gadgets.

Plymouth Computer Solutions can tutor you to ensure you remain on top of the exciting world of digital technology.

Looking to buy a digital device?

If you don't yet own a device but are looking to assess which best suits your needs, I can bring a selection for you to try before you buy.

I can support you in a purchase and prepare training that best suits your needs if required. I'm only a phone call away.

Review my Testimonials and make contact.

Young Parents

Mr. & Mrs. Wallace have had their laptop restored to factory settings after it was compromised by fraudsters.

Portrait of Senior Woman

Mrs. Ellis arranged for her husband's reel to reel tape player to be repaired. She had it returned within two days. To say he was delighted by the surprise repair is an understatement.

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