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Portrait of an Attractive Senior Woman

Ms. Hathaway, was struggling to knowing how to use her iPad - gifted by her son. Following several visits, she now posts on social media, shops online and researches holiday destinations.

Mr & Mrs Fitzpatrick now know how to use YouTube and are confident modifying their viewing choices.

Happy Senior Couple

Tutoring services:

  • One-off visits to solve a problem or tutor you in solving it yourself.

  • Short-term digital tutoring programmes personalised to upskill you in specific areas such as making your photos look better before printing (digital photo editing) and ensuring you learn to keep them safe on your device or elsewhere (backup storage). You may be wishing to learn how to edit your video footage and make a movie out of it (I have over 30 years of video editing experience - including the filming and editing of wedding videos).

  • Long-term digital tutoring support to cover a wider range of agreed areas with the aim of equipping you in fun and friendly sessions to get the most out of technology.


All you need is a comfortable seating area for at least two people, a flat, glare-free surface for your device and a willingness to learn something new.

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